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HR for Applicants is a dedicated group of former corporate HR professionals, here to serve you, the applicant. Our goal is to achieve results which means coaching you to land in the right job. With unemployment at an all time high, we will be by your side and provide strategies on bypassing the competition, offer mock interviewing, resume design per position. 

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Full Hiring Strategy

Expert Guidance

We will provide strategies from A-Z. 

Application Process 


Reaching the hiring manager

Interview Tips & Tricks

Mock Interviewing

Salary Negotiation

PTO Negotiation

Changing industries


*Most common package chosen*

Mock Interviews

Customized sessions

Want to improve your interview skills?

This team of HR professionals have interviewed well over 5,000 applicants throughout their career. We know the right way to interview. We will give feedback, improve your answers, help with brainstorming answers, and provide strong questions to ask. 

Resume Assistance

Resume Tips & Tricks

Not sure how your resume should look? Every job has different demands on format, language, content, and every detail in between.

We will modify and provide guidance on how to customize your resume to the job properly. We do not automate this process since it's extremely crucial to applying.  


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